fullsizeoutput_d0aI took a yoga class back during my sophomore year of high school that taught me a lot about different breathing techniques, testing us on the Sanskrit language with assignments forcing us to take videos of ourselves performing our favorite and most challenging ‘asanas’ as well as explaining how that week of yoga influenced and impacted our lives.

At the time I didn’t really take it that seriously, but I did complete every assignment. I did the research on Pranayama Breathing and the three different energies known as vata, pitta and kapha. Just random bits of knowledge my teacher at the time believed necessary to include in our yoga curriculum, although I only took the course to get out of taking gym so I was annoyed at all of the work she had given us.

She did pass down a brief introduction of Sanskrit language, Vinyasa Flow Techniques as well as mindfulness and enlightenment information I will always remember.

Over time I realized how important the information she had taught my class was, but soon enough had lost the information given to me through all of the Google Classroom assignments and documents, but it influenced me to begin pursuing a further education in Yoga and the world of it.

This is my journey.

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